Islam El-Katatni: All sects of the people took to the streets by the millions in the June 30 Revolution

Islam Al-Katatni, an expert in political Islam movements, said that the Brotherhood and those who try to orbit them and erase the June 30 revolution, or put it in the idea that it is a counter-revolution and not a popular revolution, but we are witnesses to it as we took part in the squares that were crowded with millions of people.

Islam Al-Katatni added, during his hosting on the Extra News channel, that the number of millions who were in the June 30 revolution was much greater than what was on January 25, and the Brotherhood spread lies about the revolution, including that only small numbers participated in it, but all sects of the Egyptian people except the Brotherhood and those allied with them. They participated in the June 30 revolution.

Islam Al-Katatni pointed out that Egypt dissolves into others, but it does not dissolve into anyone. Neither the Brotherhood nor anyone else can change Egypt’s identity. The issue was not a matter of living crises as much as it was an issue of identity. The essence of the issue is our identity, culture, customs, and our understanding of religion, the moderate understanding on which we were raised. The Brotherhood came to try to divide the unity of society.

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