Islamic New Year Holiday.. Details of official holidays until the end of 2024

Many citizens are always keen to search for Holidays date AndOfficial holidaysEspecially since these holidays represent important occasions for them that they are keen to celebrate, and they are Official holidays There are official holidays in the country, and the Islamic New Year holiday is considered one of the most important occasions that citizens await and search for its date.

The following are the dates of official holidays in the Arab Republic of Egypt until the end of the year 2024:

– Monday, July 8

On the occasion of Islamic New Year

– Tuesday, July 23

Revolution Day July 23, 1952

– Monday, September 16

Prophet’s Birthday

– Sunday, October 6

Armed Forces Day (October 6, 1973)

It is noteworthy that only a few days separate us from the birth of the crescent of the month of Muharram and the beginning of the new Hijri year 1446 AH, according to the astronomical calculations prepared by the Solar Research Laboratory at National Institute of Astronomical Research.

According to astronomical calculations, the crescent of the month of Muharram will be born immediately after the conjunction occurs at exactly the 59th minute Cairo local time on Saturday, 6/7/2024 AD (the day following the day of sighting).

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