Italian Milan sends a message to player Ahmed Refaat

Face Italian club MilanA message to the Egyptian player Ahmed RefaatAfter he fainted while participating with his team in the Al-Ittihad Alexandria match that was held yesterday in the league competitions and ended in a goalless draw between the two teams.

The Milan club wrote through its official account on the social networking platform “Twitter”: “Our hearts are with the family of the Egyptian player Ahmed Refaat, and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

And I witnessed Al-Ittihad Alexandria and Modern Future match Ahmed Refaat, a Future player, fainted and fell on the field, before his team’s medical staff intervened and treated him. He was transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital in light of his suffering from a serious injury, as the doctor treating the player revealed that Ahmed Refaat’s heart stopped for an hour and a half before he responded to the operation. resuscitation.

Milan wishes Ahmed Refaat a speedy recovery
Milan wishes Ahmed Refaat a speedy recovery

A source at the Modern Future Club revealed that the health condition of… Ahmed Refaat The team player, after being placed on respirators recently, after the player suddenly fell unconscious in his team’s match against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria yesterday.

The source confirmed, in statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, that the player will not be transferred to any other hospital at the present time, until his condition is completely stable so as not to risk his safety, adding that Player Ahmed Refaat He regained his awareness over the past few hours.

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