Jenin camp ambush blows up Israeli sniper squad leader.. Know the story

Jenin camp… confirmed Israeli armyReports stated that an Israeli force was ambushed in… Jenin camp In the northern West Bank, he said that one of his soldiers was killed during the military operation.

Channel 12 Israel revealed the details of the incident that took place to an Israeli force during… Storming Jenin camp Thursday morning, which resulted in the death of an officer and the injury of 16 others.

According to the channel, the explosion of explosive devices buried underground led to the death of Captain Alon Skagio, and the injury of 16 soldiers with varying degrees of injury.

Among the injured, in Jenin camp ambush One soldier was seriously injured, 5 were moderately injured, including an officer and a paramedic, and 10 were slightly injured, including an officer and a reserve soldier.

Channel 12 indicated that the storming of Jenin camp was targeting Hamas’s infrastructure in the camp.

She explained that the Israeli force entered Jenin refugee camp From several directions at once, a military bulldozer conducted a “combing” of the axis to ensure that there were no explosives in the area.

At this stage, an armored Panther vehicle hit an IED and exploded immediately. The soldiers in the vehicle sustained minor head injuries, but the IED did not penetrate the vehicle.

Immediately a rescue force entered to evacuate the wounded from the vehicle, where infantry forces arrived to rescue them, and here Officer Scagio was killed.

The Israeli army added – in a statement reported by the (i24 News) channel – that the operation in the Jenin camp began with an initial raid, which resulted in the arrest of a number of resistance fighters, after which the forces moved in the next stage of the operation, and a sniper was targeted in an explosive device explosion.

After the explosion, a rescue team tried to reach him and provide assistance, but a second explosion occurred during the rescue operation, resulting in other injuries.
The army said that the double attack resulted in the death of one soldier, the wounding of six others with moderate injuries, and 10 with minor injuries.

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