Jose Gomez: Zamalek does not deserve to win against Farco and we are looking for motives

Portuguese Jose Gomez, the technical director of the first football team at Zamalek Club, said that his team does not deserve to win or lose today’s match against Farco in the league competition.

The team tied Zamalek In front of his counterpart Farco With a goal for each of them in the match that brought the two teams together today, Wednesday, at Borg El Arab Stadium in Alexandria, within the competitions of the twenty-ninth week of the competition. Egyptian League Excellent this season.

The team’s technical director added in the press conference following the match: “We do not deserve to win the match because we did not do what we should have done against Farco, and we did not create technical problems for the opponent, and the opponent was a very organized team.”

Gomez continued, saying: “I am not happy with the way we played today’s match, and we have to look for motivations to create a better technical situation. Zamalek is a big team with a large fan base, and we have to perform well until the end of the season.”

The technical director added: “The draw in today’s match is not only because the team is playing without a striker, but it is a collective reason because the match is between 11 players against 11 players, and if Zamalek had 3 players with motivation, things would have been different.”

He continued: “We must be clear, if we do not have motivation it is better for us not to play, and my main job is to choose the best players for the club.”

He added: “I hope the team will achieve a series of consecutive wins, and if the team players are motivated, they will do their best in the matches.”

Regarding the numerical shortage in the left-back position, he said: “A left-back was promoted to the team from the youth sector, in addition to preparing Mohamed Atef to participate in this position. When we tested Omar Gaber and Mohamed Shehata on the flanks in difficult matches, they performed well.”

“I prefer to give a big chance to young players in the coming period, and I respect Zamalek club until the end, but I will clarify the path I want. Any young player who appears well and has greater motivation, I will depend on him because in the end I want to achieve victory, and all players must do their utmost to win every match until the end of the competition, even if we do not win the title,” Gomez continued.

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