Kazem El Saher celebrates with the Egyptian audience his new album at a concert tomorrow

The Tsar celebrates Kazem Al-saher By launching her new album “With Love” with the Egyptian audience, he will perform a concert tomorrow, Friday, in the Fifth Settlement, and present Kazem Al-saher During the concert, a distinguished collection of his most famous songs, in addition to songs from his latest album, was performed.

This concert comes two years after the last concerts Kazem Al-saher in Egypt At the Egyptian Opera House Which came after an absence from Egypt for 14 years, and the artist shared with his fans and followers through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram” and commented on it, “We will meet soon in Egypt or the world at the new concert site. Can you imagine my happiness in meeting you there?”“.

Earlier, the company organizing the concert announced that it would move its location to facilitate smooth and unhindered entry for the public, in order to accommodate the largest number of fans and fans of the Tsar..

Album Kazem Al-saher The new one has a name with loveIt included 13 romantic songs, all composed and sung by Kazem Al-Saher, and the songs are: “Oh loyal, oh heart, piano, with you, my date of birth, the dance of life, do not oppress him, you see me loving you, I come back, the night, you passed through my chest, do not ask, no Leave.” Al-Saher recorded his return to release a new album, 8 years after releasing his last album, “The Book of Love,” in 2016..

Kazem Al-saher
Kazem Al-saher

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