Kazem El Saher jokes with a girl who asked to marry him during his concert: The heart is gone

The Iraqi star presented Kazem Al-saher He performed a large number of songs during his concert currently being held in the New Cairo area, including: Laila, Give me love, I kept you on my head, Lovers’ Day, I don’t love you anymore, I doubt you for whom, You passed my chest, amidst the cheers of the audience and their chanting: We love you, Kazem.

During the party, one of his fans gave him a red teddy bear so that Kazem could joke with her, then another woman asked him to marry him, and he responded jokingly: “I have the honor, but the salvation of the heart is gone.”

And it was Kazem Al-saher He opened the concert with the song “Eid Al-Ashaq”, followed by the song “Ha Habibi”, and said that he would sing his new album throughout the concert.

This concert comes two years after Kazem El Saher’s last concert in Egypt at the Egyptian Opera House, which came after an absence from Egypt for 14 years.

Album Kazem Al-saher The new one is called “With Love,” and includes 13 romantic songs, all composed and sung by Kazem Al-Saher, and the songs are: “Oh loyal, oh heart, piano, with you, my date of birth, Omar’s dance, do not oppress him, you see me loving you, I will come back, the night, “You passed through my chest, ‘Don’t ask, don’t leave,'” and Al-Saher recorded his return to release a new album, 8 years after releasing his last album, “The Book of Love” in 2016.

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