Laila Abdel Latif’s expectations for Sherine Abdel Wahab: No one can stop her | news

Forecast and horoscope expert Laila Abdel Latif does not appear on any program without being asked about the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab and her expectations for her.

Laila Abdel Latif was a guest of the media figure Ali Yassin in an episode titled “Zero Hour” on the “Al Jadeed” channel, and she talked about Sherine Abdel Wahab and her strong comeback.

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Laila Abdel Latif’s predictions for Sherine Abdel Wahab

Laila Abdel Latif said: “Sherine is coming back to the Sherine we know, and may God grant her success in her marriage. Sherine Abdel Wahab is coming back to stand on stage with strength. Sherine will not fall. She will come back and I will see her concerts and songs that will break the world. She will not stop and no one can stop her.”

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Sherine Abdel Wahab

Laila Abdel Latif continued: “I see her one day giving concerts in Lebanon. The Lebanese and Arab people love her.”

On the other hand, the crisis of Sherine Abdel Wahab and the rights to manage her accounts on social media is still ongoing.

What is new is Sherine Abdel Wahab’s response to the statement of “The Basement Artistic Production” company and its denial of signing it, and Sherine accused the company of seizing its social media platforms.

The statement said: “One of the question marks is that the legal representative of the producing company “Rotana” comes out to us, defending the so-called Muhammad Al-Shaer, or in solidarity with him, while the latter is the one who published the song “And I swear to you,” for which I paid an amount of 8 million, The penal condition and termination of the contract as the court ruled, and this relationship raises suspicion.”

Sherine pointed out that Hassan Al-Shafi’i, who had remained silent throughout the previous period, suddenly appeared during this period, as if he participated and approved of what happened, and today he comes out cheerfully as if he had a right, saying and claiming things that are not true, for which God has not sent down any authority, and I say to him: “ We must respect people’s minds when we talk to them.”

Sherine Abdel Wahab

Regarding his partner, Mohamed El Shaer, Sherine Abdel Wahab said: “He claimed that he obtained a conviction and not a fine of 5,000 pounds. This is not a final judgment and it was appealed. The plan he was planning failed, as he wanted to obtain a prison sentence for me in order to force me to confess to this contract that I did not sign. But thank God, his plan failed, and he will receive his punishment according to the law very soon, God willing.”

She continued: “As for the plan not to submit the original contract to challenge the forgery in the lawsuit filed before the Economic Court, which was not mentioned in the statement, and which the so-called poet published that the original contract was submitted in the arbitration lawsuit, thinking that he would escape from submitting it before the Economic Court, and the lawsuit for the account of the millions he obtained from YouTube, let him know that this is absurd and we are in a country of law.”

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