LeBron’s father’s dream came true: the Lakers selected Brony James in the draft

The big dream that LeBron James talked about in recent years, to play with his son in the NBA, became tonight (between Thursday and Friday) more real than ever. The Los Angeles Lakers selected Brony James with the 55th pick in the draft, and now own the rights to him. In light of the fact that this is a second round pick, Bruni does not yet have a guaranteed contract, but it is clear to everyone that the direction is to sign him. LeBron James could become a free agent this summer, which he may still do, but if that happens he is expected to sign a new contract with the Lakers – which will likely ensure that he retires in the media. When they team up, the two basketball players from the James family will become the first father and son in NBA history to play on the same team.

As you may remember, Bruni, who will be 19 before the start of next season, had a cardiac event just last year. This cast a shadow over the continuation of the career, but in the end he was given permission to return to play and since then he has played at USC College (Southern California). Now he is coming to the NBA, where he will play alongside his father who will change his prefix and will celebrate 40 during the coming season.

The James family celebrated the event with a small dinner in New York, and according to a report on ESPN, LeBron James seemed especially excited after the selection. “Collaboration can be magical,” said Lakers Vice President Rob Beflinka, “History can be made, and history should be made in the Lakers uniform.”

In the weeks leading up to the draft, there was speculation that another team would select Bruni before the Lakers and thus try to use him as a bargaining chip. As you know, this did not happen, and ESPN offered an explanation for this. Bob Myers, the former general manager of Golden State and now a commentator on the channel, said that the agent of LeBron and Broni called the teams and told them not to select Ben, because in such a situation “he will go play in Australia”.


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