“Let Germany be afraid”, “Festival”: Spain in euphoria

This can be said without a doubt – together with Germany, the Spanish team is the most impressive team at Euro 2024. Also yesterday (Sunday) La Rocha celebrated in a big way with a very impressive football display and after falling behind, they did not stress and recorded a very enjoyable 1:4 against Georgia to advance for the quarter finals.

From here it becomes very difficult, because who is waiting in the quarter-finals is the same Germany we mentioned, the one that is so impressive as well. Undoubtedly the biggest and most intriguing game so far in the tournament. But even before it was played, the Spanish media celebrated the fitness of their team and also sent a message to the host of the tournament.

In ‘Marka’ they shouted with a headline: “Festival.” Spain is a party – that all of Germany will fear.” In AS they straightened a line: “Spain is scary, Germany has a problem. The Reds will come to kick out the host.” In ‘Marca’ they complimented: “Luis de la Fuente conducts the orchestra, Fabian Ruiz is a professor of football, Le Norman Laport anchors in defense, Pedri in midfield and Nico Williams and Amin Yamal have nothing more to add.”

Williams Wimal's Dance (Reuters)Williams Wimal’s Dance (Reuters)

In Spain, they analyzed the performance of several players and also from a collective point of view: “This team is cool. It is so simple, and it is a football that has all the resources and possibilities to destroy the opponent’s defense. Fabian Ruiz and Marc Cucoria showed that you don’t have to be Brazilian, English or French to Make everyone talk about you.”

They also added: “Danny Olmo is starting to look like a team player. He created a lot of danger and it seems he is ready for the starting lineup, when Fedri hasn’t quite reached his level.” Olmo received a score of 9 in Marka, as did Nico Williams: “It seems he never gets tired. He’s like a motorcycle.” Fabian Ruiz also received the grade 9, about Rodri it was written: “A leader who took the fear out of the team with the goal he scored”.

Shining - Fabian Ruiz celebrates (Reuters)Shining – Fabian Ruiz celebrates (Reuters)

In the Catalan ‘Sport’ they wrote: “It’s a dance, just a dance what we see on the field”. Nico Williams He said: “I am very happy about advancing to the quarter-finals. If we continue at this level we can do great things. We started the game less well, but we recovered very well and everything went the way we wanted. Germany? She is very difficult, a hard nut to crack, but we have a wonderful team and we will prepare properly.”

Luis de la Fuente said at the end: “It’s a game of 1:8 or 1:9. We will have to be at our best against Germany. We had to suffer, Georgia didn’t even put a goal in the frame. We are very happy, but there is a tough game against Germany and we will have to work hard so that our feet are on the ground. We will have to present our best game. Lamin Yamal was excellent and can be even better. He has confidence and likes to take risks, but sometimes he needs to be more relaxed. It helps him grow.”

Luis de la Fuente (Reuters)Luis de la Fuente (Reuters)

Lamin Yamal broke a very impressive record. After becoming the youngest player to play in the Euros, this time he of course became the youngest player to also play in the knockout stage of the Euros. If you’re asking who he beat, then it’s none other than Jude Bellingham, who played for England in the previous Euro when he was 18 years and four days old. Lamin Yamal played against Georgia when he was 16 years old and 338 days old.

In addition, Lamin Yamal had an excellent game for him, when the young player created six dangerous situations, which is the most for players under the age of 21 in the knockout stages of the European Championship (since 1980), thus equaling Cesc Fabregas who also created six dangerous situations in 2008 against Russia, when under Pedri was found with five of these when he did it in 2021 against Switzerland.

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