Licensing Committee: Boutaib settlement resolved Zamalek crisis.. and stars’ complaint does not affect Pyramids

Counselor Mahmoud Abdeen, head of the Club Licensing Committee at the Football Association, confirmed that there are no financial obligations on clubs, as long as they obtain licenses and settle… Zamalek With the Moroccan Khalid Boutaib, the Zamalek licensing crisis was ended.

Mahmoud Abdeen said in an intervention with the media figure Ahmed Shobeir in the program “On Time Stadium” broadcast on the On Time Sports channel: “The requirements will be applied.” International and African Federations “Regarding licensing in local competitions.”

He added: “It was agreed to grant Zamalek a license to participate in African championships after reaching a settlement with its Moroccan player, Khalid Boutaib. Zamalek submitted a written letter from Khalid Boutaib to the committee and the validity of the spending between the two parties on the schedule was confirmed. Therefore, it was agreed to grant Zamalek the license, and this is a condition set by the African Union by submitting written approval from both parties.”

He continued: “The list The Kaf It was issued in 2013, but the clubs did not know how things were going. Since last season, CAF began imposing licenses on clubs to participate in tournaments, and it became necessary for all clubs participating in tournaments to set conditions that must be met by these clubs in order to be granted these licenses.

He added: “All the clubs that applied to participate in the 2024 African Championships met the conditions, so they obtained a license to participate in these championships.”

He continued: “There are conditions for participation in local tournaments, which each federation sets for itself, but they must be similar to the conditions set by the African Union.”

He added: “Al-Ahly and Enppi were the first two clubs to obtain licenses because they were the most keen to obtain these licenses, then the rest of the clubs followed suit, and finally Zamalek Club, which succeeded in solving its problems and obtained these licenses.”

Regarding the Pyramids crisis, he said: “The Licensing Committee found that the complaint of the Nogoum Club against Pyramids does not prevent it from obtaining the license and participating in the African Championship.”

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