Local man.. Who is Hazem Al-Ashmouni, the new governor of Sharkia?

11:25 AM

Wednesday 03 July 2024

Written by – Mohamed Sami:
Sources reported that Engineer Hazem Al-Ashmouni will assume the position of Governor of Sharkia, succeeding Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab.
Masrawy publishes the most important information about Al-Ashmouni:
Engineer Hazem Al-Ashmouni is one of the veteran local cadres.
– He has extensive experience in local management at various levels.
– The last position he held was Secretary General of Cairo Governorate.
– He worked as General Manager of the Planning Department in Beheira Governorate.
He held the position of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing and is also a member of the Engineers Syndicate.
Years ago, the Minister of Local Development issued a decision appointing him as the head of Burj Al-Burullus City in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, and then as the head of the Second District of El-Mahalla in Gharbia Governorate.
He was appointed Assistant Secretary of Beheira, then Secretary General of the same governorate and then Cairo.
The new ministers will take the constitutional oath before President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, shortly, at the presidential headquarters in Heliopolis.
In the new formation, Lieutenant General Kamel Al-Wazir and Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar were appointed as Deputy Prime Ministers, and 23 Deputy Ministers and 32 Deputy Governors were appointed.
Nine women were also appointed as deputy governors, and the new formation witnessed a strong presence of women and youth in the government change.

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