Logisyn / Ti-Insight Release Report on US / Mexico Border Activity


Logisyn And Ti’s Latest Report Is Now Available! – Logisyn and Ti-Insight continue our partnership with our newest report, which offers a comprehensive analysis of Mexico’s pivotal role in North American trade and examines the impact of near-shoring in a post-COVID economic landscape. Experts explore key trends within the transportation and logistics sector and offer perspectives on the Southern Border region’s trajectory. By leveraging our knowledge base, we aim to help entrepreneurs assess potential growth opportunities along the Southern border and provide guidance on optimizing outcomes for their businesses.

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Overview of the Southern Border | “…Against this backdrop of initiatives, the US southern border emerged as a cornerstone of North American commerce, exemplified by its status as the largest trade gateway on any US international border. The Laredo Port, receiving $800 million of products daily…”

NAFTA / USMCA | “…The replacement of NAFTA with the USMCA marked a transformative phase in North American trade. Through tariff reductions and the streamlining of cross-border transactions, the USMCA has opened doors to near-shoring opportunities…”

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) | “…FDI in Mexico is trending upward with a 48% increase in Q1 of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022, totaling $18.6 billion. This surge is linked to relocations and expansions driven by near-shoring in key border regions like Monterrey, Juarez, and…”

Nearshoring Trends | “…Mexico has many competitive advantages over Asian competitors. Its proximity to the US means that producers can shorten lead times, improve service delivery, and offer greater levels of…”

Maquiladoras / IMMEX | “…These factories, operating under preferential tariff programs established by Mexico and the US, have experienced significant growth due to initiatives like the Manufacturing Industry, Maquiladora, and Export Service (IMMEX) program. IMMEX has been instrumental in attracting FDI into Mexico by offering…”

Technology Opportunities | “…New trends in customs software stand to revolutionize cross-border trade. For a long time, the flow of data within a supply chain has been of equal importance to LSPs as the flow of goods and containers. We may finally be at a stage where much of this data begins to move…”

Southbound Activity | “…Estimates from logistics companies that handle cross-border freight peg the value of southbound logistics traffic from the US to Mexico at over $200 billion annually. This represents not just…”

Deal Activity | “…The economies of the US and Mexico are deeply intertwined, with supply chains and production networks spanning both countries. Companies have established manufacturing facilities in Mexico to take advantage of lower labor costs and proximity to the US. This cross-border integration has driven demand for…”

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