Lotfy Labib jokes with Nagwa Fouad: I’m still manual.. and she responds: And I’m a robot.. Video

The artist has always been famous Lotfy Labib With his lightheartedness in the darkest of circumstances, which appeared during his meeting with the artist Nagwa Fouad in a meeting that was filmed on video for the duo and was widely circulated on social media, in which the extent of their intense love for each other was evident due to their long friendship.

Nagwa Fouad, as soon as she saw the artist Lotfy Labib During one occasion, she lightheartedly said to him, “Why did you divorce me? I miss you so much. I can’t see you.” When asked about his health, he jokingly replied, “I’ve become manual.” Nagwa Fouad replied, “And I have become…” Robot

It is worth noting that during March This year, the Egyptian Catholic Center Film Festival, at the conclusion of its 72nd session, headed by Father Boutros Daniel, awarded a certificate of appreciation to the artist Lotfi Labib, who expressed his happiness with this honor, and said in his speech amidst loud applause from the audience: “This award gave me a push for the future.”

At that time, the Egyptian Catholic Center Film Festival, headed by Father Boutros Daniel, honored the members of the jury, namely: writer and screenwriter Abdel Rahim Kamal, Hanan Motawea, Dalia Mustafa, Ahmed Shaker Abdel Latif, director of photography, Ihab Mohamed Ali, art critic Ali Al-Fateh, editor Kamal Al-Malakh, and musician Mustafa Al-Halwani.

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