Mai Omar embraces Naglaa Badr.. Ramez Jalal: This is the goal of the program: you must help each other

Shaima Rizk

Published on: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 – 6:06 AM | Last updated: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 – 6:06 AM

The artist Ramez Jalal forced both the actress Mai Omar and Naglaa Badr to reconcile.

“Ramez”, in the second episode of the program “Ramez Jab from the Other”, broadcast on MBC Egypt, on Tuesday evening, presented his prank after he frightened “May” and “Najla”, by threatening them with releasing one of the ferocious dogs. .

This caused the artist Naglaa Badr to suffer an injury to her hand, which prompted the artist Mai Omar to embrace her, and “Ramez” replied: “Why did you yearn for her?” This is the goal of the program: you must help each other, girls.. just as you cut each other off in front of people.. the audience saw you hugging each other.”

For her part, actress Naglaa Badr confirmed that she is no longer in disagreement with director Mohamed Sami and his wife, artist Mai Omar, continuing: “I am not upset with Mai or her husband.”

The idea of ​​the program for this season is based on bringing together two stars who had previously had a dispute. In the first episode of the program yesterday, “Ramez” hosted both the artist Ahmed El-Sakka and Bassem Samra, after he had previously stated that there was a dispute with “Al-Saqqa.”

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