Major Eyal Abneon, 25, of Hod Hasharon, was killed in Gaza

The heart is torn: The spokesman of the IDF allowed this morning (Tuesday) to publish that the reservists Major Eyal Abneon and Sergeant Major Nadav Elhanan Noler were killed tonight by an explosive device in Netzer Corridor.

Eyal, 25 years old from Hod Hasharon, was the deputy commander of a company in Battalion 121. Nadav, 30 years old from Jerusalem, was a platoon sergeant in the Armored Battalion belonging to the 8th Brigade.

Mayor of Hod Hasharon Amir Kochavi: “Shocked and pained by the death in battle of the late Major Eyal Abneon, reserve MP in Nahal, 25 years old, resident of Hod Hasharon. Eyal, son of Sharon and my father, brother to Ofir and Neta, was a graduate “Hadar” High School. Eyal volunteered for the company commanders course during the war out of a sense of responsibility and a desire to contribute and led the company in the event where he was killed. We are all heartbroken.

The funeral will take place today, Tuesday 2.7.24 at 18:00 in the military section of the Neve Hadar cemetery, Hod Hasharon. Shuttles to the funeral will leave from the parking lot on Hachatret Street, near the Gani Zvi soccer field, starting at 4:30 p.m. The family will sit for seven at 5 Haodem St. Hod Hasharon.

The public is invited from five o’clock with state flags to pay their respects to Eyal on his last journey from 5:00 p.m. along Jabotinsky Street from the Zionist 4 Seasons Square towards the access road to the cemetery.”

Kinneret council member Elisha Cohen paid tribute: “My heart is torn, there are no words. The hero of Israel is the salt of the earth. The special boy that everyone looked up to. Captain Eyal Abneon fell in the battles in Gaza. Dear Sharon and my father, Ofir and Neta, I hug you tightly and share in your unbearable grief.

Eyal, the best of the best of our sons, with a weeping and grieving heart I salute you and thank you for what you did for us, for the routine you gave us to live and for who you were. You will forever be in our hearts.

We are coming to accompany the hero of Israel ben Ha’ir Hod Hasharon Eyal on his last journey, today at 18:00 at the cemetery in Neve Hadar.”

His friends tell about him: “Eyal joined us in Harmash at the beginning of the war. A serious officer, a veteran of an elite unit, a smart and talented person. In the many hours we spent together he told about the long journey he made on a fishing boat in the ocean and his plans for the future. He went to an MPM course during the war, got a company and the night fell in Gaza and with it the plans and dreams.”

11 fighters were injured in the incident, including 1 seriously, 3 moderately and slightly. In addition, a fighter from Battalion 52, Brigade 401, was seriously injured in a battle in the southern Gaza Strip.

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