Maya Kay has received three offers for Hanukkah productions that are fighting for her

Maya Kay She went on stage yesterday (Wednesday) in “Dancing with the Stars” in Bekhest 12 together with her dancing partner Lotem Mademoni, With the song “Barbie” in the background. The model surprised the judges who all gave her the coveted score of 10 and won an unusual wave of sympathy on social networks, after the performance was broadcast in prime time. Kay has been marked from the beginning as one of the promises of the current season of the successful dance reality show, and now that also comes with a price tag.

Maya Kay and Lotem Madmoni performing the song “Barbie” (photo courtesy of Keshet 12)

TMI has learned exclusively that in preparation for the upcoming Hanukkah holiday, and assuming that the situation will indeed allow and everything goes as planned, Kay will appear in one of the huge productions of the holiday, when as of this moment, not one, but three productions of musicals are fighting head-to-head as to who will be able to sign her for his show as the lead role. Needless to say, that in normal years when there is no war, stars of Kay’s stature can earn hundreds of thousands of shekels for a month’s production, so we believe that this year she will finish with a particularly handsome profit.

Maya Kay (Photo: Or Gefen)
Maya Kay (Photo: Or Gefen)

By the way, we note that the successful model was committed last year to the musical “The Little Mermaid” alongside the ex, Tal Mord. As we know, the musical did not come to fruition because of the war, but now it will be interesting to see if they will try to bring it back with the original actors or if she will commit to another one.

Tal Mord, Maya Kay in a photo shoot for
Tal Mord, Maya Kay in a photo shoot for “The Little Mermaid” (Photo: Shai Hansev)

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