“Mbapa will play against a youth team in Germany”

“Mbapa will play against a youth team in Germany” – The Sport Channel<br />

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Report: In France it is noted that the star may play in Paderborn to try out the mask

The sports channel website system

The Sports Channel website system 22.06.24 – 14:38

France were disappointed after the canceled draw against the Netherlands team last night (Friday) when the team with only one right goal after two games in Euro 2024, when Kylian Mbappe did not play at all against the Orange remembered a broken nose.

A particularly surprising report was published in Akip, according to which the star may play against the U21 team of the German Paderborn, to check how he reacts to the game with the special mask that will be on his face later in the Euro.

The tricolor’s camp is in the German city, and they see it as an opportunity to see his ability to play with the broken nose with the mask on his face. According to reports in France, he is still not 100% shared in training, avoiding contact and not being seriously tested after the injury. Will we see one of the best players in the world playing in a youth team uniform? We will have to wait and see.

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