Messi sets records by leading Argentina to victory in the first Copa America match sports


The official website for the South American Football Championship, currently being held in the United States, praised the performance made by the Argentine magician Lionel Messi during his country’s victory with Canada in the opening match of the competition.

The “Tango” team began the campaign to defend the continental championship title after its valuable and well-deserved victory with two unanswered goals over its Canadian counterpart, at dawn today, Friday, Mecca time, within the first round competitions in the first group of the competition, which also includes the teams of Peru and Chile.

This is a summary of what Messi (36 years old) did in the match and the records he achieved:

  • He contributed to the first goal scored by Julian Alvarez in the 49th minute, after he sent a pass to Alexander McAllister that put him alone on goal, but he preferred to pass the ball to the English Manchester City star, who put the ball into an empty net.
  • He assisted the second goal scored by (substitute) Lautaro Martinez in the 88th minute, firing the coup de grâce on Canada’s hopes of equalizing.
  • He received the highest rating in the match (8.4 out of 10).
  • He held the record as the player who played the most matches in the history of Copa America, as he participated in his 35th match in the tournament, ending his partnership with the late Chilean Sergio Livingstone, who played 34 matches in the tournament, during the 1940s and 1950s.
  • He participated in the seventh edition of the oldest nations championship in the world on various continents.
  • He shot 6 times (more than any other player in the match), 4 of which were inside the penalty area and 3 of which were between the goalposts and the crossbar.
  • He completed 9 touches inside the penalty area and created 2 goal chances.
  • He recovered the ball twice in the final third of the field and won the ball 3 times against Canada players.
  • He completed 27 of 132 passes made by Argentine players, more than any other player.
  • The first player in the history of Copa America to provide an assist in 7 different versions of the competition.
  • He strengthened his historical record as the person who contributed most to assisting goals in history with 1,211 contributions.
  • He strengthened his historical record as the player who created the most goals in football with 374 assists.

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