Minister of Agriculture: We aim for self-sufficiency in crops… and the farmer is our top priority

Tighten Alaa Farouk The Minister of Agriculture stressed the importance of providing food for the Egyptian people, pointing to the crises the world is going through, such as the Ukraine war and the economic crises that make Egypt self-reliant, while stressing at the same time that the ministry is targeting self-sufficiency in all agricultural crops.

Farouk added in statements to “Extra News” that the ministry also targets Increase exportsBy increasing the agricultural area, we can thus provide hard currency for industry, provide production requirements, and add value to Egyptian agricultural products.

Confirmed Minister of AgricultureEgypt has all the ingredients that make it one of the strongest economies in the Middle East and the Arab world, pointing to presidential assignments to care for the citizen and provide agricultural supplies, agricultural guidance, and everything that affects the livelihood of Egyptians and the simple farmer, and our people in Egyptian countrysideHe added: “The farmer is at the top of the ministry’s priorities.”

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