Minister of Education follows up on secondary school exams from the operations room..and confirms: providing comfort for students

Careful Dr. Mohamed Abdel Latif, Minister of Education And technical education, to follow up the progress High school exams The first round is through the central operations room at the ministry, where students of the science department take the chemistry exam, and students of the literature department take the geography exam.

This came in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Daher, Deputy Minister, Chairman of the General High school exams Mohsen Abdel Aziz, Vice President of Examinations.

Before the exam began, the Minister made sure to communicate with all the directors of the educational directorates present in the local operations rooms. He also made sure that representatives of the Ministry of Interior were present to secure the headquarters of the examination committees in all governorates, and that the question papers reached the Minister and the education directorates.

And face Dr. Mohamed Abdel Latif The directors of the directorates are making more efforts to control and regulate the progress of the exams. The Minister also thanked all participants in the central operations room for the efforts made to ensure the continuation of the procedures for the regularity of the committees’ progress, stressing that the interests of the students and providing them with all means of comfort are at the top of the priorities.

And keen Minister of Education To inspect the room of the technical committee responsible for reviewing the question papers and answer sheets for the exams to ensure that they have been reviewed before starting the correction process.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Daher directed, before the start of the exams today, to emphasize to the heads of the committees to review the cameras inside the committees before starting and after finishing the exam, and to take into account the distribution of questions at the specified time with the start of the exam time, and not to delay the distribution of the question paper, and to implement the inspection with all firmness, and the entry of students to the committees and their entry at the specified time.

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Minister of Education follows up on high school exams from the operations room

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Minister of Education inside the General Secondary Examinations Operations Room

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Minister of Education follows up on high school exams from the operations room

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