MK Almog Cohen on the continuation of the war: “They have no value for human life, only for the land”

MK Almog Cohen from the Otzma Yehudit party, spoke today (Sunday) with Ben Caspit and Aryeh Eldad on their show on 103fm. He addressed the criticisms of Cheney’s appointment and the appointment of Ron-Tal as projectors for the North and the South, about the future of the Gaza Strip in his opinion, and shared the mourning visit from which he left.

“I just left a funeral home for the Deri and Samadja family. I received ‘vibes’ of unity there and this is the input I wanted to convey to the listeners,” he said about the visit to the bereaved family.

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Later in the conversation, he pointed out that the attempt to reflect and find a point of similarity between Judea and Samaria and Gaza is a mistake: “In the West Bank, first of all, we have a settlement and it actually serves as a predatory foot and a kind of real fortress from a security point of view that allows us the ability to carry out the raids. In Gaza it’s not the same.”

According to him, “the victory in my eyes is that the grandson who will soon be white will be able to live in Israel and that no one will threaten him there, because what is currently being raised there is a generation of bloodthirsty Nazis who would call my father and tell him ‘I have the blood of 10 Jews on my hands’ and my brothers in Bari They called ‘settlers’.”

He went on to explain the ideology he claims is found in Gaza: “It doesn’t matter to them if they live in Bari, Ofakim, Ofra, Tel Aviv, we are all settlers for them and we should all be slaughtered.”

He stated what he thinks should be done in the face of Islamic terrorism: “I am not a religious person, but in the end when I want to exact a price from a radical jihadist Islamist terrorist organization, I don’t charge in human lives, because they have no value to human lives, I charge in the ground. That’s the thing The most sacred they have. I charge the price of a living monument.”

Regarding the appointment of Chaney and Petah Ron-Tal, he said: “These two people are retired champions, both worthy people who know the hardships, know the poor and anyone who can do good for the citizen.”

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