Mohamed Moselhy: Al Ittihad Alexandria demands justice for all clubs

Mohamed Moselhy, the club’s president, expressed his Alexandria Union His dissatisfaction with the level of refereeing in the Egyptian League, demanding justice for all teams.

In televised statements to On Time Sports channel with Saif Zaher, Moselhy criticized: “As a club president, I demand… Football Association By responding to my letters, I did not benefit anything from punishing the rulers after I was subjected to injustice.”

The club president explained Alexandria Union His team only demands that it get its rights and that the club be treated professionally by those in charge of the sports system.

Moselhi confirmed that his team was unfairly treated in Saturday’s match after the controversial shot awarded to the team’s striker Mabololo.

The official page of the Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria published on the social networking site Facebook an official statement against the repeated arbitration errors, following the Al-Ittihad team’s confrontation with the Interior Ministry in the matches of the 28th round of the Egyptian Premier League competition, “Nile League”, which ended in a positive draw 1-1.

The statement read as follows: “The management of Al-Ittihad Alexandria Club, headed by Mohamed Moselhy, the club’s president, sent an official protest to the Egyptian Football Association and the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association, against the refereeing crew of today’s match, Saturday, against Al-Dakhiliya Club, led by referee Mohamed Al-Atabani, in which the two teams tied positively.”

The club’s management denounced, in an official protest, the refereeing errors that occurred in today’s match, which brought the two teams together at the Alexandria Sports Stadium, as part of the 28th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

The club’s management indicated that the match referee was not successful at all, and made many decisions that harmed the team, the most prominent of which was not counting a valid goal for player Mabululu, in the tenth minute of the first half, which everyone who watched and followed the match agreed was correct.

The disallowed goal that was cancelled was enough to change the course of the match significantly, and directly affected the final result of the match.

The club’s management explained that such refereeing decisions and errors affecting the results of matches would negatively impact the team’s progress and waste its efforts.
Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria called for the need to find quick and urgent solutions to save the competition by the Club Association, as most clubs complained about unfair arbitration decisions and justice became truly absent from the Egyptian Football League matches.

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