Mohamed Sami reveals the reason for his dispute with Afaf Shuaib and Tamer Hosni and responds to the attack by “Nasl Al-Gharab”

During his hosting of the “Asrar” program presented by the journalist Amira Badr on the “An-Nahar” channel, director Mohamed Sami revealed the reasons for his dispute with the distinguished artist Afaf Shuaib and the motives for her attack on him. He also spoke about his dispute with Tamer Hosni and the reason for their not working together recently, and responded to the attack. Which he was exposed to during the showing of the series “Nasl Al-Agharab” in Ramadan 2021.

Mohamed Sami said: “I was attacked and they said that the series “Nasl Al-Gharab” failed, but God brought me my right. The series did not compare between Mohamed Ramadan and Amir Karara, but Ramadan would have been in the place of Al-Saqqa and there was a mistake, but I succeeded with all of them and they are big stars, and the one who Where did he attack the series now? Well, let it fail. How were you watching it?

Regarding the actress Afaf Shuaib’s accusations against him earlier that he forced her during the filming of the series “Adam” to get into the police car despite feeling some pain in her back, Sami said: “The story of Afaf Shuaib is all a lie, and I respect her age because she is an old woman, and she said a lot of things.” It’s all a lie. The true story is that one time we were filming the series “Adam” and at the same time a series called “Duran Shubra” was being filmed next to us. Professor Afaf asked permission and told me, “My brother is tired and traveling. I’m going to treat him.” I told her, “Okay. While I was filming by chance, a friend by chance called me. His name is Joseph. He told me, ‘Come, come back to me. I’m filming.'” A scene of Afaf Shuaib, and I found out that she was in a studio behind us, and this issue of her back did not happen.”

Regarding the occurrence of a dispute between him and the artist Tamer Hosni, Mohamed Sami said: “Once there was a big disagreement between me and Tamer and people did not know about this issue, and after that I missed him very much, until I saw him by chance and we laughed together, and I told him I miss you very much in the two-hour call, half of which was laughter, because it is lighter.” Blood in the world.” He added: “I am the person who has worked with Tamer Hosni the most in the Arab world. I have worked with him in advertisements, clips, and a series. How can we not have chemistry? Then Tamer is now a fellow director, and all of them are except Tamer Hosni. I have the artistic community on one hand and Tamer on the other hand… I spoke When Tamer Hosni and Angham differed in their points of view in the series “Nasl Al-Agharab,” and he made songs worth millions without taking a dime, Pat went to the studio as if it was a series starring him.

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