Mortada Mansour: Every statement for “Lalab” is worth 3 points for Al-Ahly

Mortada Mansour, former president of Zamalek Club, commented on the official statement of Zamalek Club that was published a short while ago on the club’s official Facebook page.

Mortada Mansour said: “I don’t know why loyal Zamalek fans are upset. Last week, Labib gave Al-Ahly 3 points, so what about him, his idiots, and his stupid official spokesman who issued a statement to compensate the fans for the joy of defeating Al-Ahly and getting the 3 points.”

Mansour continued: “Today, Al-Ahly defeated Farco and won the 3 seconds, bringing it closer to winning the league title.”

He added: “Well, what does that mean? As usual, Al-Ahly wins and he issues statements, each statement giving Al-Ahly 3 points. I didn’t see his statement today deteriorate and he and his supporters submit their resignation after losing 25 championships, along with the club’s dignity and pride. He issued a statement accusing the loyal Zamalek fans of being fools, malicious and spiteful towards him and his committee.”

Mansour concluded: “You have been disappointed sixty times. You have wasted the greatest club in the universe.”

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