Naama Lazimi after the violent attack: “The police are lying, I will sue them for libel”

MK Naama to Zimi A member of the Labor Party, who was violently attacked by police officers during last night’s protest in Tel Aviv, was interviewed this morning (Sunday) by Network B and provided her version of the events.

In the meantime, the Department of Police Investigations has begun investigating the issue: “In response to inquiries from reporters, we have updated that the Investigations Division of the Department of Police Investigations has begun investigating two incidents from last night’s demonstrations, in which police officers allegedly attacked a protester in Jerusalem and a police officer was even heard threatening him, as well as for the attack on MK Naama To Zimi in Tel Aviv. As has been done in previous cases, MHS intends to proactively contact the protester and the Knesset member, and invite them to file a complaint, in a way that will allow the cases to be investigated in depth, in a professional and effective manner.”

“This is not a confrontation, the police beat me, choked me, violently pulled my hair. A protester handed over the cell phone to his friend and then the mess started. There is no reason to confiscate the phone in this way, and the police’s response was that they probably had to hospitalize me with severe violence. They knew that I am a member of the Knesset, but even if I wasn’t, does that mean I should suffocate?” said Lazimi.

Regarding the statement by the police spokeswoman, who accused Lazimi of provocation, she said: “The no less serious violence is the police spokeswoman who lies. The videos show the opposite of what they said, and the media should also tell them that we are not a dictatorship and that such messages cannot be given. To tell a protester that they will rape his mother, We will cross a red line. I will file a complaint, I will have to sue the Israeli police for defamation. We will protest against the government.”

As I recall, during the evacuation of the demonstration, several policemen were recorded attacking Knesset member Naama Lazimi, who regularly participates in anti-government demonstrations. This is not the first time that police forcefully pushed Lazimi away, despite the fact that as a member of the Knesset she has parliamentary immunity.

The police stated in response: “Contrary to MK Naama Lazimi’s claims regarding the fact that she was allegedly injured by police officers and in order to prevent misleading the public and slandering the police officers for nothing – we will clarify that in practice, the Knesset member is taking advantage of her immunity in order to hinder the police officers from carrying out their mission.”

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