Najwa Karam shined during her concert in Stockholm, Sweden

A successful concert performed by Najwa Karam in Stockholm, Sweden, where the audience enjoyed her voice and old and new songs.

Wearing a red dress, Najwa stole the spotlight with her presence on stage, and many comments she received on her excellent performance and preparations before the concert, which were clear and reflected in her performance.

Najwa Karam

Najwa satisfied the tastes of all those present, as she sang more than one medley that combined her old and new songs. The interaction with the song “I Don’t Hide It From You” from the album “I’m Joking With You” was clear when she sang it with Elie Olaya on the piano.

She also sang “Lashhad Hobbak” and the audience had a great reaction to the song “Maghrouma”, as they chanted it remarkably with her.

The audience interacted with the concert on X through the hashtag Najwa Karam in Sweden, where most of the tweets praised Najwa, her captivating presence on stage, and the strength of her voice.

Najwa Karam and Asala concert in Germany

Before her concert, Najwa performed a successful concert with Asala in Germany. She commented on one of the posts she shared, meaning: “What a wonderful night in Germany…get ready for a special show in Stockholm within hours.”

The concert, presented by Nishan, began with Najwa entering to the rich tunes of Shams, presenting her most beautiful new and old songs, with which the audience interacted greatly, as they sang with her “Maghrouma,” “Hayda Haki” and many others.

Najwa Karam shined in a yellow dress from the collection of fashion designer Rami Kadi, and left her hair loose in a natural way.

Asala, who made her name known to the audience, who attended from various nationalities, presented her new songs, in addition to the songs “Fouk”, “I Forgive You”, “Box” and many others, and she shined in a blue look signed by Nicolas Gebran, and the presence of her daughter Sham among the audience was noticeable, as she She shared a group of videos on Instagram.

In a video, Asala appeared in a meeting with Najwa Karam after the ceremony, and in another picture, both Najwa and Asala appeared accompanied by Faiq Hassan and the businessman Omar Al-Dahmani, owner of Moments Events, who organized the ceremony, and who was responsible for organizing this distinguished ceremony.

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