Nermin El-Feki: I caught the tiredness of El-Geneina: a real movie, not cinema

Egyptian actress, Nermin El-Feki, revealed the difficulties she has been facing recently, the latest of which was a snake sneaking into her house.

Narmin El-Feki posted a video on her Instagram account of a worker trying to catch a snake inside her house.

Al-Faqih appeared in the video screaming and calling for help from the worker to catch the snake that had sneaked into her house.

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The Egyptian actress said that she survived a traffic accident before Eid al-Adha, and was surprised today by the presence of a snake in her house.

She wrote on “Instagram”: “There is no power nor strength except with God. On the Thursday before Eid, I was traveling. May God save me from a terrifying accident, and today there is a snake in my house. Oh Lord, I will protect you. Oh Lord.”

Nermin El-Feki’s post sparked criticism from her followers because she asked the worker to catch the snake instead of spraying it with pesticide, and one of them wrote: “It’s normal from the heat, then sorry, you’re so terrified of it and want the man to crush it!” You are very strange!”.

Another wrote: “I don’t understand why he is holding him, since there is a spray that kills him, why should we put the worker’s life at risk?” A third wrote: “What is it that doesn’t spray!” What should the man do? I mean, you didn’t bring him for this, what should he do? Let his tired self bite for your honor.”

A few days ago, Nermin El-Feki celebrated her 52nd birthday, which falls on June 21, and shared videos of herself in which she appeared with a youthful appearance, wearing a black dress.

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