Neta Barzilai released a debut album – in Hebrew: “Treat the trauma we went through through music”

After releasing most of her singles in English, Barzilai decided that she would perform her debut album in the Hebrew language • In “All About Me” there are nine songs, including collaborations with the Hebrews Lider and Sherk • “I hope the album will give a pleasant, comforting, awake and liberated bubble”

Neta Barzilai

Neta Barzilai Photo: Eran Levy

Almost without our noticing, five years have already passed since Nate Barzilai conquered Europe and won first place at Eurovision 2018 with the song “TOY” (and her looper). From that exciting moment that put her on top, she released more and more successful singles – but most of them, believe it or not, in the English language. With the exception of a few collaborations with Israeli musicians (Statik and Ben El, “Effort”; Stefan Leger, “Mathematics”; Kafir Tzafir, “Cut me off”) most of Barzilai’s songs were in English.

This morning (Sunday), after two mini-albums (in English, as mentioned), Barzilai released her debut album, “All About Me”, with everything in the Hebrew language. The album, which includes nine songs, collaborations with Ivri Lider, Shrek and other musicians, and according to her managers, it “harnesses a new and exciting chapter in her musical career”. Simultaneously with the release of the album, Barzilai also released the theme song from it, “All on me”.

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“Recently, I felt that I needed to process and deal with the national trauma we went through through music,” said Neta. “I felt that what I and the people around me needed was something pleasant. I found myself walking around hotels with displaced families and long fingernails from before the war, and I felt the gap between what was and what would never come back. In a natural way, layers and masks came off of me and I would just plant.

“I found myself canceling a tour in the USA because I couldn’t go out when the house was on fire,” she added. The Afro beat that I grew up with in Nigeria manages to cradle me in combination with old Israeli tunes. I hope the album will give you a pleasant, comforting, awake and liberated bubble.”

The music video for the new single was filmed at the Hatikva market in Tel Aviv, and the reason red tomatoes were used in the garden is because they “reflect the decisive moments when great works are rejected or received with enthusiasm, and allow Neta to express the intensity of life as an artist”, as they explained on her behalf.

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