New Eastern Governor’s Decisions: Commitment to Shop Closing Times and Launching the Investment Plan

Engineer Hazem Al-Ashmouni confirmed Governor of Sharkia New, on the necessity of presenting future investment plan projects for the new fiscal year, with priorities set for remote and deprived areas.

Implementing the Cabinet’s directives to close shops and malls starting at 10 pm as part of the state’s plan to rationalize electricity consumption, remove encroachments, and street vendors from the main streets and squares, and oblige shop owners to use the spaces allocated to them.

Preparing a detailed report on the status of cities, villages and dependencies according to the strategic and detailed plans, and presenting the obstacles to the approval of the remaining villages, in order to begin identifying areas of new urban extensions, controlling the random growth of buildings and improving the urban environment in those villages.

He discussed with the President of Zagazig University the continuation of cooperation and coordination between the university and the governorate in providing community services and engineering and technical consultations for ongoing projects.

Engineer Hazem Mohamed Hassan Al-Ashmouni assumed the position of Governor of Sharkia in the second government of Mostafa Madbouly, succeeding Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab.

Engineer Hazem Al-Ashmouni is one of the veteran local cadres, distinguished by his long experience in local administration at various levels, where his last position was Secretary General of Cairo Governorate.

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