News and reports – President Al-Zubaidi’s economic matrix: a step towards a comprehensive transformation in the economy and services of the south

President Commander Aidaroos bin Qasim Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces and Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Command Council, launched an integrated and ambitious matrix aimed at achieving fundamental transformations in the economic structure, by addressing the accumulated economic crises and providing practical and sustainable solutions. The matrix is ​​based on an analysis Accurate to the conditions of the local economy and the aspirations of citizens.

The matrix is ​​an important strategic step to restructure the southern economy, improve services and living conditions for citizens, and achieve sustainable economic stability. In this press poll, we present a set of questions to find out the opinions of an elite group of economic experts and officials about the economic matrix and provide an in-depth analysis and comprehensive vision about the impact of this initiative on the future of the economy in the south and improving the level of services and living life for citizens in the south, and their opinion of the economic matrix that President Commander Al-Zubaidi called for. The extent of the impact of this matrix on the economic situation in the south, their assessment of the leader’s movements in addressing the economic conditions in the capital, Aden, and the southern governorates, the importance of implementing the directives of President Aidaroos bin Qasim Al-Zubaidi by the parity government, and the priorities of the urgent solutions matrix to stop the economic deterioration, operate the Aden refineries and return them to service, and the impact This helps meet the needs of the local market and reduce the cost of importing

-Create a new environment

Dr. speaks. Tariq Bazraa, Chairman of the Economic and Development Committee of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, about the economic matrix called for by President Commander Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, and its impact on the economic situation in the south, saying: “The solutions matrix constitutes a concentrated juice of the ideas of economic and administrative experts specialized in their fields, through which President Aidaroos seeks Bin Qasim Al-Zubaidi calls for ending the state of helplessness and silence on the part of the government in the face of all the difficulties faced by people in the southern governorates and creating a new environment capable of gradually changing living conditions for the better. I am filled with great optimism that this matrix will have a tangible impact on the ground that the citizen will feel through improved services Electricity, water, lower prices of goods and foodstuffs, and addressing the decline in the value of the local currency against foreign currencies, among others.”

– Citizen interest

While Mr. Ismail Saleh Hussein Al-Najjar, Secretary-General of the South Arab People’s Council, spoke about his evaluation of the movements and efforts of President Al-Zubaidi in addressing the financial and economic conditions in Aden and the south, saying: “The movements and efforts of President Commander Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi in addressing the financial and economic conditions in Aden and the south are excellent.” Because it is directly in the interest of the citizen, touches his needs, and raises him to a good standard of living, which centered on moving the headquarters of telecommunications companies and banks to the capital, Aden, in addition to addressing the issues of forced creatives, military and civilian retirees, the deterioration of the local currency, and putting the competent and executive authorities before their assigned responsibilities. “.

-The importance of implementing directives

In turn, academic Dr. Hussein Muthanna Al-Aqel, faculty member at Lahj University, member of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, explains the necessity of implementing the directives of President Aidaroos bin Qasim Al-Zubaidi by the parity government, saying: “It is certain that the parity government is faced with a fait accompli and cannot ignore the implementation processes of the directives.” President Commander Major General Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, especially since these directives touch the concerns of the people and address the economic crises they face, and if the parity government goes too far in the implementation process, it will prove that it is behind the crisis industry and its exacerbation.”

-Urgent priorities

Dr. believes Al-Aqil: The urgent priorities to stop the economic deterioration are to restart the Aden refineries, ensure the safety of their work in providing energy resources for their continued operation, in addition to controlling procedures to stop the rise and collapse of the value of the local currency, and enabling the Central Bank in the capital, Aden, to exercise tight control over the stability of exchange operations. As well as ensuring the continuous supply of electricity needs from petroleum derivatives, and other sound directives. and develop urgent solutions.

-An important economic tributary

While Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Baghtian, Vice Chairman of the Economics and Development Committee in the National Assembly, spoke about the demands of operating the Aden refineries and returning them to service and the impact of this on providing the needs of the local market and reducing the cost of imports, saying: “The Aden refineries will be an important economic tributary, and restarting them is a fair and realistic demand.” It is a special achievement for the people of the South, and they have the right to benefit from it, and by restarting it and working to develop it and raise its operational capabilities, which will reflect positively on the citizen first, as he will obtain petroleum derivatives at reasonable prices, and on the electrical sector, where electric power generation stations will be supplied on a steady and continuous basis, not to mention The possibility of exporting derivatives to African countries, which constitutes an important tributary and support for the state’s public treasury, and without operating them, all solutions remain sterile and useless.”

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