Nisreen Tafesh undergoes an elegant photo session…and the audience flirts with her (photos)

04:40 PM

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Books – Hani Saber:

Actress Nisreen Tafesh shared with her followers on social media the latest photo session she recently underwent.

Nisreen posted the pictures on her Instagram account, and commented: “Life is very generous… All you have to do is be a recipient and accept the darkness as you accept the light… Be completely innocent of all corruption and intellectual pollution… Let your mind be silent and loving, believing that More will come… Life is very vast, no matter how much we discover it, we will never be able to exhaust it, for it is infinite… and the secret lies in the depth, above time and above space.”

Some of the audience’s comments were as follows: “All the love”, “Beautiful as nature’s beauty”, “You are beautiful beautiful women”, “Every day you become more beautiful”, “The whole moon”, “My sweet”, “Honey”.

It is noteworthy that, Nisreen Tafesh’s latest artistic work is the film “We Appreciate Your Circumstances,” starring Ahmed Al-Fishawy, Mai Selim, Mohamed Mahmoud, and a number of artists, written by Samir El-Nil and directed by Ayman Makram, which was recently shown in cinemas in Egypt and a number of Arab countries.

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