One person was killed and ten injured when a cable car crashed in Antalya.. What happened?

One person was killed and ten others were injured, yesterday, Friday, in the Antalya province in southern Turkey, after the cabin of a cable car collided with a broken pole, according to the office of the local governor of the region and local broadcast stations.

The governor’s office said in a statement on the social media platform X: The injured were taken to nearby hospitals to receive treatment, and 24 cabins were suspended in the air.

The office reported that emergency rescue units evacuated 40 people from seven cable car cabins, and relief teams also worked to evacuate dozens of people stranded in other cabins, as helicopters and other vehicles were sent to the scene for evacuation efforts from the cable car line.

Details of the accident and relief

For its part, Anatolia Agency explained that one of the columns in the tourist facility, which was crowded due to Eid al-Fitr, collapsed for an unknown reason, which led to the vehicle colliding with it, before it broke off and fell into the rocky area, causing the death of a 54-year-old man.

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya said: Rescue efforts in the Antalya cable car accident continued continuously, as 98 people were successfully evacuated from 15 suspended cabins, while the governorate office issued late at night a statement in which it reported that efforts were continuing to evacuate 9 suspended cabins in Air.

Yerlikaya stated in a statement on his social media account that 4 helicopters belonging to the Coast Guard Command played an effective role in the rescue efforts.

He pointed out that the rescue efforts were carried out meticulously, noting that the Ministry deployed 543 personnel from civil defense, gendarmerie, police, soldiers, medical search and rescue teams, non-governmental organizations, and fire brigades, in addition to 7 helicopters and a military cargo plane for the rescue.

Presidential follow-up

For his part, Director of Communications in the Presidential Office, Fahrettin Altun, revealed that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan followed “all developments related to this painful incident closely, and receives immediate information about the case from the relevant ministries and our governorate.”

Alton added in a statement: “The necessary investigations will be conducted regarding the accident, and the accident will be investigated in all its aspects.”

According to information on the cable car company’s website, the cable car has 36 cabins, each of which can accommodate six people.

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