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Within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to provide a distinguished educational service that suits Egypt’s position and importance as an educational destination in the Middle East and the African continent, and in implementation of the directives of the political leadership to encourage the reception of foreign students wishing to study at Egyptian universities, within the state’s strategy and Egypt’s Vision 2030.

The Central Administration for Foreign Students Affairs announced the opening of applications for Egyptian universities, starting today, Saturday, June 29, through the “Study in Egypt” platform for foreign students, through the following link: /

Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, pointed out the significant development made by the Ministry in the system of services for students wishing to study at Egyptian universities of all nationalities, and facilitating the application and registration procedures through the “Study in Egypt” platform, noting that the Ministry of Higher Education is implementing the ambitious plan set by the state to make Egypt a unique educational destination in the field of higher education and scientific research, and to be an attractive destination for those wishing to study and learn in the Arab region, the Middle East and the African continent, investing in the distinguished human capabilities and long-standing academic and research experiences enjoyed by Egyptian universities in the field of higher education and scientific research.

Dr. Ayman Ashour stressed that the importance of investing in education also lies in strengthening Egypt’s soft power, as well as Egypt’s leading cultural and civilizational role in the Arab and Islamic world, noting that incoming students are a bridge for cultural communication and ambassadors for Egypt in their countries after their return.

For his part, Dr. explained. Sherif Saleh, Head of the Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector, said that the “Study in Egypt” initiative and its platform provide data on all Egyptian public, private, private and international universities, as well as higher institutes, technological institutes, and academies accredited and recognized by the Ministry, as well as providing a wide range of Services for international students during their educational journey, starting from registration through all stages of their studies in Egypt until graduation.

Dr. explained. Sherif Saleh said that the interest undertaken by the Ministry, represented by the Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector, through the Central Administration for International Student Affairs, is to create an appropriate educational environment for international students, helping them learn, innovate, and gain experience through practical training and integration into the labor market, noting that many scholarships are provided to international students. The top graduates – who are not recipients of scholarships – are also given discounts on tuition fees, whether at the undergraduate or postgraduate levels.

He added that the launch of the Egyptian initiative for scholarships and educational tourism EGYAID For international students, it includes 7 main principles: (Everyone learns together, we care for you, the world is ours, you are in your second country, you are integrated, you are innovative, you are an ambassador).

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Ghani, Head of the Central Administration for International Students, explained that the digital platform is the only official gateway for international students to study in Egypt at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and also includes the Egyptian Cultural Center for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers.

He added that the platform is fully automated and allows the incoming student to apply to study at any of the universities within the Egyptian higher education system in its various branches, which are spread throughout the Republic, which are (27 government universities, 32 private universities, 20 private universities, and 10 technological universities, in addition to the institutes). ).

For his part, Dr. confirmed. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, media advisor and official spokesman for the Ministry, said that the current period has witnessed a continuous increase in the number of applicants to study in Egyptian universities, pointing out that this comes as a reflection of the great advantages offered by the higher education system, including study programs that are constantly updated to follow global trends in introducing scientific specializations that keep pace with the times. In addition to the establishment of new Egyptian universities, and providing multiple options for study between public, private, private, and technological universities, and branches of foreign universities in the New Administrative Capital, which had a significant impact on revitalizing educational tourism.

It is worth noting that the “Study in Egypt” initiative works through two main axes: providing the necessary facilities for incoming students to apply, marketing the programs and faculties of Egyptian universities, and promoting educational tourism in Egypt through continuous communication with cultural advisors, participating in educational exhibitions inside and outside Egypt, establishing partnerships with various international institutions, and organizing virtual meetings with secondary schools in cooperation with Egyptian cultural offices abroad to introduce the initiative and promote studying at Egyptian universities.

Source: Official page of the Ministry of Higher Education

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