Palestinian media: The occupation is intensively and continuously bombing the Shuja’iyya neighborhood in Gaza City

Al-Qahirah News Channel reported in a breaking news report, quoting Palestinian media: Artillery Occupation Intense and continuous bombardment of Al-Shuja’iya neighborhood in the city Gaza North of the sector.

7 Palestinians were martyred and others were injured, today, Sunday, in an occupation bombing that targeted a house west of Palestinian RafahAnd another in the Al-Daraj neighborhood, east of Gaza City, on the 268th day of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The occupation warplanes launched violent raids on the Al-Tuffah and Al-Shuja’iya neighborhoods, east of Gaza City, and the Al-Sabra neighborhood in the city, in conjunction with artillery shelling. Occupation Palestinian homes in the Shuja’iyya neighborhood, which led to the martyrdom and injury of a number of Palestinians who the paramedics were unable to reach due to the continuous shooting by the occupation marches at everything that moved.

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