Portugal vs Slovenia | The “Brazil of Europe” scourge almost killed him and didn’t you learn anything from Morocco?!

“You won’t hand over the jar every time, Portugal!”

After the haters of Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo were preparing to mock him, he and his teammates were the ones laughing in the end after more than 120 minutes of suffering against Slovenia.

The “Brazil of Europe” succeeded in snatching the qualification card for the quarter-finals of the European Nations Cup “Euro 2024” after defeating Slovenia in a penalty shootout with a score of 3-0, as the regular time and the two extra halves ended in a goalless draw.

While Ronaldo shed tears in the first half of extra time after missing a penaltyHe smiled at the end after a disastrous penalty shootout by the opposing players, but that match carried a lot of alarm bells for the Portuguese battalion.

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An “amateur” team escaped death!

When will Portugal achieve a championship?! A question that comes to the minds of many in every match, and after tonight’s match we can answer: It will not do so in this group and under the leadership of this coach “Roberto Martinez”!

“The Brazil of Europe”, as its fans like to call it, appeared tonight like an amateur team, everyone wanted to put their individual mark on the match without taking into consideration that it is a knockout match, and a mistake means saying goodbye to the tournament without a chance to make up for it.

Individualism in general has been Portugal’s scourge since the start of the tournament, but it was clearly evident tonight, and then some people appear and mock: Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t scored a single goal since the start of the tournament “sarcastic laughter”! They want him to create the opportunity, make it and score without considering the selfishness of those around him!

A coach whose only advantage is his relationship with “Ronaldo”!

“Small details decide matches,” Roberto Martinez said before facing Slovenia, but if he had really understood that phrase, he would not have withdrawn Portugal’s star player and the best player to start the tournament, Vitinha, from midfield in the 65th minute of tonight’s match.

Vitinha(C)Getty Images

Vitinha was the strongest player in the Portuguese midfield, both defensively and offensively, and after him Slovenia was liberated, and if they had had more courage, they would have decided the match in their favor in the second half without resorting to extra time.

Vitinha’s passing accuracy during the minutes he played reached 98.1%, in addition to his three shots.

He succeeded in all the dribbling he did, in addition to his 100% superiority in the one-on-one confrontations.

This change, along with the overall performance in the match, and what the Portuguese team has been offering since the start of the tournament, proves to everyone that Martinez’s only advantage is his good relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo; the team captain, nothing more!

Didn’t you learn anything from Morocco?!

Portugal’s poor form tonight does not negate the Slovenian battalion’s fighting spirit throughout the match, as the defensive organisation was impeccable. When a mistake occurred, goalkeeper Jan Oblak was on the lookout and saved the penalty kick taken by Cristiano Ronaldo in the first extra time.

But coach Matias Keck’s team lacked some courage to succeed in delivering the knockout blow to the Portuguese in regular time, especially after Portugal lost the midfield battle with the exit of Vitinha and then Leao.

She even reached Roberto Martinez’s goal with at least two one-on-ones, but poor finishing of the attacks spelled a sad end for her every time.

Perhaps Slovenia and its coach needed to watch the Morocco vs. Portugal match in the quarter-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, to learn where to get the upper hand! And to realize that any team only needs to believe in itself to achieve what its opponents say is impossible.

The Atlas Lions also relied on a purely defensive approach at the time, but they seized the opportunity that was available to them and Youssef En-Nesyri scored the only goal of the match.

Teams that defend as Slovenia did have to take advantage of the few chances they get, because they are rare, but perhaps Kek’s only goal was to prolong the match as much as possible so that it could be said afterwards “he embarrassed Portugal despite qualifying”, this title alone might be enough for him!

The strangest thing about the matter is the players’ disastrous execution of the penalty kicks. Slovenia was defending aimlessly, just defending, as if its players knew nothing else in football except defending. Even their coach did not bother to train them to execute the penalty kicks that they fought to reach!

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