Putin: Russia must produce intermediate-range missiles with nuclear capabilities

Putin said during meeting With senior security officials, “It seems that we need to start producing these systems again,” referring to Missiles Its range was between 500 and 5,500 km and was banned under the treaty. Nuclear missiles Intermediate-range (INF) era cold War.

Washington withdrew from the treaty in 2019, accusing Russia of non-compliance. The Kremlin said at the time it would halt production if it did not publish United State Missiles at close range Russia.

In a televised speech to senior security officials on Friday, Putin confirmed that the United States had begun using such missiles in… Trainings in Denmark.

“We need to respond to that and make decisions about what we should do next in this area. It seems that we need to start producing these strike systems,” the Russian president said.

“Then, based on the reality of the actual situation, we make decisions about where to deploy them for our security,” he added.

Several Cold War arms agreements between the two countries have expired or been scrapped in recent years, aimed at curbing the nuclear arms race and calming tensions at the height of rivalry between the two powers.

Russia last year suspended its participation in the New START Treaty, the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty between the two sides.

The United States has supplied Ukraine with short-range missiles to support it in the war against Russia.

Last month, Washington partially lifted the ban on Ukraine’s use of these weapons against targets on Russian territory, raising warnings of a possible dangerous escalation by Moscow.

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