Putin: We will resume production of missiles with short- and medium-range nuclear capabilities

The Russian president said Vladimir PutinOn Friday, Iran said it would resume production of short- and medium-range missiles with nuclear capabilities in response to what it described as moves by the United States to deploy such missiles in Europe and Asia, according to Reuters.

The United States formally withdrew in 2019 from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which it concluded with Russia in 1987, after saying Moscow had violated the agreement, an accusation the Kremlin denied.

Russia then imposed a moratorium on the development of missiles previously banned under the treaty.

Putin said, at a meeting of the Russian Security Council: “It is known that the United States not only produces these missile systems, but has already brought them to Europe to conduct exercises in Denmark.”

He added: “It was recently announced that they are in the Philippines. We do not know whether they have removed the missiles from there or not.”

Putin said that Russia was therefore forced to respond.

“We apparently need to start manufacturing these strike guidance systems, and then based on the current situation, we will make decisions about where to deploy them if necessary to ensure our safety,” he continued.

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