Pyramids: Article 42 of the competition regulations gives us points for the Smouha match

Dr. Ahmed Al-Washahi, the club’s legal advisor, confirmed Pyramids FC, that what happened during the club’s match with Smouha At Alexandria Stadium, the responsibility falls within the responsibility of the team that owns the home ground and the stadium, and its legal responsibility here is a presumed responsibility that cannot be denied by proving that no error was committed.

Al-Washahi added, in statements to the Pyramids Media Center, that what happened in the match falls within the cases that require the home team to be considered defeated by a score of 2-0, and not within the cases of force majeure that require the match to be replayed. Accordingly, according to the competition regulations, Smouha team should be considered defeated and Pyramids Club should be considered the winner by a score of 2-0, stressing that the case is completely clear and simple and does not contain any complexity, conflict or effort and does not require any other explanations. The case is a power outage, and according to the text of the regulations, it is not considered a force majeure.

He stressed that the reason for canceling the match was the low lighting in the match as well as the power outage, and not force majeure circumstances, as one of the lighting columns in the stadium malfunctioned due to a power outage, and as a result, visibility in the stadium became impossible and “silhouettes” appeared due to the weakness. lighting,

The legal advisor added that based on the established facts that occurred, Pyramids Club officially requested that Smouha Club be considered the loser in the match, and that the club be considered the winner with a score of 2/0, in accordance with paragraph 3/A of Article 42 of the Competitions Regulations, which stipulates that in the event of a power outage for a period of “45” continuous or intermittent minutes in matches played under lights or in the event of low lighting that prevents the match referee from completing the match, the team that owns the stadium shall be considered the loser with a score of 2-0, regardless of the result of the match, and the power outage shall not be considered a force majeure.

The Clubs Association issued a statement regarding the events. Smouha vs Pyramids matchwhich was canceled due to a fire breaking out in Alexandria Stadium, which led to the match not being completed.

The statement of the association read as follows: “The match between Smouha and Pyramids has been cancelled due to the fire that broke out at Alexandria Stadium. The Competitions Department of the Clubs Association is awaiting the report of the match referee, the supervisor, and the management of Alexandria Stadium. The Clubs Association will issue the decision after the end of the round’s matches.”

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