Pyramids postpones the announcement of Ramadan Sobhi’s contract renewal due to the doping crisis

Journalist Ahmed Shoubir revealed the scheduled date for announcing the final decision To the Steroids Committee regarding Ramadan Sobhi Pyramids playmaker after the end of the second hearing.

Schubert said on his radio program “With Schubert,” “I hope that the issue of Ramadan Sobhi will end because I deal with him as my son, and most of the players are as well. Ramadan has been suspended for some time, after the hearing and the files he presented.” Pyramids The decision will be sent to the club, WADA, and the Football Association, and these procedures will take place within 3 to 5 weeks, meaning we are talking about an additional month, and the league will end in mid-August.”

And concluded Schubert“Pyramids renewed for Ramadan Sobhi and was about to be announced. Had it not been for this crisis, the renewal announcement was postponed.

Ramadan Sobhi, player of the first football team in… Pyramids ClubThe temporary suspension imposed on him by the Anti-Doping Committee was lifted, pending the issuance of the final ruling after hearing the player’s statements in the second hearing.

Hani Zahran, a lawyer, asked Ramadan SobhiAt the end of the second hearing that the player underwent yesterday, Saturday, the temporary suspension penalty was lifted from the player until the final decision is issued.

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