Ramadan Sobhi awaits lifting of suspension until final ruling from doping

He waits Ramadan Sobhi first team football player at the club PyramidsThe temporary suspension imposed on him by the Anti-Doping Committee was lifted, pending the issuance of the final ruling after hearing the player’s statements in the second hearing.

At the end of the second hearing that the player underwent yesterday, Saturday, Hani Zahran, Ramadan Sobhi’s lawyer, requested that the temporary suspension penalty against the player be lifted until the final decision is issued.

Yesterday, the second hearing session for Ramadan Sobhi was held before the Doping Committee, to complete hearing his statements regarding the accusation of tampering with one of the doping analysis samples.

Ramadan Sobhi, who attended the session with Sherif Ekramy and Hani Zahran, the lawyer, continued his statements before the doping committee in a session that lasted for nearly 7 hours.

The Doping Committee is expected to issue its final ruling within three weeks from the end of the second hearing.

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