Rania Youssef to Al-Youm Al-Sabea: I am filing a complaint against the fabricators of the film “Shawwat Jasad”.

The star commented Raniya Yousif On the video circulating of her titled “Lust of a Body” on the video site “YouTube” that it is not true, she said in exclusive statements to “Youm7” that she will file a report against the fabricators of the film and take all legal measures.

And the doctor was Ashraf Zaki The head of the Acting Professions Syndicate decided to take all legal measures against the promoters of a film titled “Body Lust” for the star Raniya YousifIn exclusive statements to Youm7, he said: “This film circulating on the YouTube video site is fabricated and we will take all legal measures against its promoters.”

Show the star Raniya Yousif Last Ramadan, the series “Baqina Etnein” starring Sherif Mounir, Rania Youssef, Edward, Mimi Gamal, Youssef Othman, Tamer Farag, Marwa Abdel Moneim, Ezzat Labib, Yasser El Tobgy, Nancy Hilal, Ezzat Zein, Nabil Ali Maher, Omar Talaat Zakaria and a number of other artists, including the late artist Tarek Abdel Aziz who passed away on the filming location on November 26. The work was written by Amani El Tounsy and directed by Tarek Refaat, produced by K Media.

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