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Rowaida Attia in an exclusive statement after retirement: Forgive me

News facts: Rowaida Attia apologizes to her fans after retiring

In a call to her, Rowaida Attia initially apologized to her fans for her decision to retire from art, indicating that she preferred to take care of her small family and enjoy playing the role of a mother.

Rowaida Attia hoped that the public would understand her decision to retire, and give her the space necessary to live her life in a way that suits her choices. She added: Of course, the majority will say that all female artists have completed their artistic careers and have children. I respect every person’s decision, but I chose my home and my son.

The author of the song “Shu Sahil Al-Haki” said that she feels satisfied with the achievements she has achieved during her artistic career, noting that most of her concern is presenting works that satisfy her and meet the expectations of her fans.

Rowaida Attia: I did not retire because of the trend

In her speech, Rowaida Attia noted that the decision to retire had nothing to do with the trend, and said: In my life, I did not think about being a trend, or monitoring the viewership rate. My concern was always the progress of my work, and the joy of the audience’s love and interaction with my work.

She addressed the people who mocked her decision to retire by saying: I respect all points of view. I am a person at peace with myself, and my decision was based on my personal conviction. Thank you and to all the people who fought me during my artistic career. Because you were the reason for my success.

Rowaida Attia thanks her fans after retiring

Ruwayda thanked all the people who supported her during her artistic career, especially the media, which did justice to her at many stages during her artistic career.

Rowaida Attia spoke about the details of her daily life, and said: Like every mother, I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I scream and scream and stay up at night when Zain is sick, and I cry when I hear every beautiful word about him at school.

Will Rouwaida Attia return from her decision to retire?

Attia promised her fans that she would not deprive them of her voice from time to time, by communicating with them through social media, and commented: I will not deprive you of humming and singing from time to time, but I will not promise anyone that I will be at any party or even in the studio, and if that happens I do not know then what the reason will be. God knows best at that time.

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