Russian authorities announce the end of the “bloody” Dagestan operation

The National Committee said To combat terrorism In a statement carried by Russian news agencies, “In Derbent, the active phase of the anti-terrorism operation has been completed,” while confrontations continue in the city. Makhachkala Major in the region.

Russian news agencies, citing the Ministry of Interior in Dagestan, reported that gunmen opened fire on Synagogue Jewish And a church Orthodox Church and a police station on Sunday, killing six police officers and wounding 12 others.

News agencies quoted the ministry as saying that four militants were killed in the clash.

A local official said that a fifth gunman was killed in a clash inside a church in Makhachkala, the main city in Dagestan.

News agencies also reported the killing of an Orthodox priest.

News agencies reported that a gunfight broke out in the heart of Makhachkala, overlooking the Caspian Sea.

The gunmen attacked a synagogue and a church in Derbent, which is home Jewish sect old in Caucasus One World Heritage Sites In a list UNESCO.

The Dagestan Interior Ministry was quoted as saying that the synagogue and the church were set on fire.

The Prime Minister of Dagestan pledged to punish “any force behind these disgusting acts.”

In Israel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the synagogue in Derbent was completely burned, and shots were fired at a second synagogue in Makhachkala.

The statement stated that it is believed that there were no worshipers in the synagogue at that time.

The Russian authorities had held extremist elements responsible for previous incidents in the region.

Last October, following the outbreak of war in Gaza, rioters stormed Makhachkala Airport waving Palestinian flags in search of Jewish passengers on a flight coming from Tel Aviv.

The Russian president was accused Vladimir Putin The West and Ukraine are stirring up unrest within Russia Through this incident.

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