Sara Netanyahu.. The most controversial woman sparks a new division in Israel

Sarah Netanyahu sparked a great deal of controversy, following statements she made about the possibility of a coup against her husband by leaders. Israeli armyIn light of the disagreement over the management of the battle that the occupation is waging in the Gaza Strip, and the abject failure to achieve any of the goals declared in this context, most notably the elimination of the Palestinian factions.

Statements Sarah Netanyahu It came after her husband spoke about a call adopted by the left in the Hebrew state to assassinate him, which reflects the widening of the circle of division within Israel to a large extent that is difficult to contain.

However, the statement issued by Netanyahu’s wife, although it was primarily aimed at alleviating the pressures placed on him at the present moment, may increase the scope of the predicament that the Prime Minister is experiencing, especially since it arouses the anger of the senior generals, who are mainly upset by the miserable failure and the huge losses that they suffer on a daily basis. With the extension of the scope of the war, and the unjustified intransigence on the part of the government in ending the crisis.

Perhaps Sarah’s controversy is not entirely new, as her name is linked to a number of cases related to the exploitation of public funds, receiving gifts, and violating workers’ rights, many of which have been investigated. She is also always accused of controlling her husband’s political decisions, as she works as his closest advisor, and is subjected to… to criticize; Because of her preoccupation with political matters since the outbreak of the Gaza War.

A statement issued by Netanyahu’s office categorically rejected the report, and said, “The false leaks circulating about Mrs. Netanyahu are a shameful injustice.”

He added that the Prime Minister’s wife “is working on her own initiative to capture the hostages, and is helping as much as she can.”

The statement continued: “Despite the voices trying to harm her, Mrs. Netanyahu will continue to work for those who were harmed in the war, and pray for the speedy return of all hostages.”

Netanyahu is facing increasing pressure regarding the hostage issue in particular, amid the state of instability that Israel is witnessing following the start of the war in the Gaza Strip about 8 months ago.

The opposition has been calling for months for early elections in Israel, which are strongly expected to oust Netanyahu if they take place.

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