School suspension tomorrow in Saudi Arabia after the meteorological warning. Real or not? An important clarification from education

Currently, unstable and bad weather prevails, including heavy rain, fog, and dust, which greatly affects traffic on the roads and results in accidents in general, especially when students go to and from school. Therefore, in-person classes at school are suspended to avoid this, and education is based on statements from the Meteorological Authority. Air Force, and in the past hours, the news of the suspension of studies has spread in places where the suspension of studies is expected, and the Ministry clarifies the truth of this news.

Weather conditions for the next hours

Suspension of studies in Saudi Arabia tomorrow, Sunday

Saudi meteorology has announced moderate to heavy rain in some areas in Saudi Arabia, such as: Ras Tanura, Dammam, Qatif, Jubail and Al-Khobar, in addition to the presence of dust as well.

As for the other regions where heavy thunderstorms fall, we find: Riyadh, Al-Sharqiyah, Mecca, Medina, Al-Qassim, Hail, Asir, Jazan and the northern border, and these fluctuations will continue until tomorrow, Sunday.

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Suspension of studies in Saudi Arabia tomorrow, Sunday

Suspension of studies in Saudi Arabia tomorrow, Sunday

Until now, the Saudi Ministry of Education has not officially announced a decision to suspend studies in areas affected by unstable weather conditions such as heavy thunderstorms. However, it is expected that studies will be suspended in most of those places in particular that witness heavy thunderstorms sometimes with the spread of thick dust, and in the event that Suspension of studies at any time. The Ministry will officially clarify this, provided that it continues via the Madrasati platform remotely.

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Class suspension areas tomorrow

If the unstable weather condition continues in the country and a red warning is issued by the Saudi Meteorological Authority, an official decision will be announced immediately to suspend studies in all schools and universities in the following regions: Riyadh, Al-Sharqiyah, Mecca, Medina, Al-Qassim, Hail, Asir, Jazan and the borders. North.

Cases of suspension of in-person studies in Saudi Arabia 1445

The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stated that there are some cases as a result of which in-person classes in schools in the affected areas are suspended and transferred remotely to maintain the safety of students and educational staff. Among the most prominent of these cases we find:

How many levels of education are there in Saudi Arabia?

The primary stage lasts only 6 years, followed by the intermediate stage, which lasts 3 years of study, in addition to the secondary stage, which also lasts 3 years of study.

Is education free in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, as the Saudi government provides education at its four levels free of charge (primary, intermediate, secondary, and university), the student has the right to obtain textbooks and means of transportation for free.

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