Severe beating and accusations of theft.. Sherine Abdel Wahab in the police station again | Art

The Egyptian singer was released Sherine Abdel Wahab A report was filed against her ex-husband, singer and composer Hossam Habib, at the Fifth Settlement Police Station, accusing her of assaulting her. She returned to the top of social media platforms a few weeks after the crisis she went through with her family and accusing her brother of stealing her accounts on social media, and then selling them, as well as her disagreements with Rotana, the company producing her new album.

Today witnessed a new dispute between the Egyptian singer and her ex-husband, after which she filed a report against him under No. 7155 Misdemeanor of the First Settlement. According to Egyptian websites and local newspapers, Sherine accused Habib of severely beating her inside her home in the First Settlement, which caused her injury. She also accused him of stealing a sum of money and a mobile phone.

According to the Egyptian press, the reason for the dispute was Habib’s intervention to contain a crisis that broke out between Sherine and one of her two daughters, which led to the situation escalating and Sherine going to the police station to file a report of assault against him, before she decided to reconcile and assign her lawyer to settle the matter, as the two parties signed the reconciliation and Habib pledged not to harass her again.

A few weeks ago, Sherine was exposed to a crisis after the audio leak that spread of Hossam Habib, in which he talked about being robbed by her family, and he claimed during the leak that her family was the reason for her dispute with the company producing her latest album, which are leaks that he confirmed the validity of in his statements, and he said that his phone was stolen.

Sherine Abdel Wahab supported his statement through an audio recording for the “Al Hekaya” program, and explained that her brother exploited the power of attorney that was between them to sell all of her accounts on social media, and confirmed that there are those who are trying to distance her from the artistic scene and cause her disputes with Rotana, the company that produced her album, and that she wants the public to know nothing about her except her works only, which is what she will focus on in the coming period.

Her brother commented on the crisis – via her Facebook account – and said that he would resort to the judiciary to respond to these accusations.

In addition to her personal crises, on the artistic level, Sherine is witnessing a dispute between her and Rotana Audio and Visual Company. During her concert in Kuwait in May, Sherine cried on stage and accused the company of delaying her new album. The crisis later developed, and Sherine is still waiting for the court’s decision in the dispute between her and the production company.

Sherine and Hossam Habib’s marriage witnessed many disputes that affected her artistic performance over the past years, before the two parties announced their final separation last year 2023, after 5 years of marriage that witnessed many crises, most notably shaving her head. In an intervention with the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, Sherine apologized to her audience for trying to beautify the image of her ex-husband, Hossam Habib, who she claimed caused her many psychological problems and the deterioration of her relationship with her family. She indicated at the time that he was practicing violence against her, and it reached the point of severe beating.

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