Shimaa Seif and the 180-degree transformation.. from living to eating to losing weight

Since her appearance on the artistic scene, she has been full-figured, and viewers have gotten used to her, whether in films or series, for her lightheartedness. She always appeared on programs talking about food and its sweetness, and that it did not cause her a crisis in her appearance, and she got used to that. The artist said: Shimaa Seif Before, in a program about food, she said: “We only live once in our lives, so why should we go on a diet? Why should I have chocolate, macaroni with béchamel, or food that I love and don’t eat?”

But this talk has changed a lot and has changed. Shimaa Seif She highlighted her weight loss and fitness after the gastric sleeve surgery she recently underwent to lose weight, and she began to boast about her height, fitness and weight loss, and that the excess weight was causing health crises and she had to resort to the surgery in order to be in good health.

The artist spoke Shimaa Seif About her undergoing a gastric sleeve operation, especially after she appeared with a thinner look during the wedding of director Mohamed Sami’s sister.

She said Shaima During a TV interview: “I had a gastric sleeve operation and made the decision even though I say, ‘Why should I go on a diet when I have macaroni with béchamel sauce and chocolate in front of me?’ But I said that because my health was good.”

She continued Shaima“Suddenly and without warning, my leg and knee hurt. I couldn’t stand it and I had terrible pain. I called a doctor who told me we had to replace the joint immediately.”

She continued: “I got depressed and my eyes were tearing up from how upset I was. I went to another doctor who told me I needed to lose weight. Mai Kassab encouraged me and told me not to worry, Shaimaa. I actually took the step and lost 50 kilos.”

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