Slovenia coach’s warning gives Denmark the runner-up ticket and qualification for the Euro 2024 final

Yellow card received; Qualify Denmark national team To a final price Euro 2024as runner-up in the third group after being tied with Slovenia He is ranked third in points, goal difference, goals scored and yellow cards, respectively.

Denmark and Slovenia are tied in second place in Group C of the European Nations Cup, Euro 2024, with 3 points each after the former tied 0-0 with Serbia and the latter tied with the same score against England.

UEFA issued an official statement, confirming that Denmark ranked second in Group C of Euro 2024, ahead of Slovenia due to a recent yellow card received by Slovenia’s assistant coach, Melvoj Novakovic.

After Denmark and Slovenia were equal in points, goal difference, goals scored, and yellow cards, respectively, the cards were calculated for each team, and it was discovered that the Slovenia national team received 7 cards compared to 6 for Denmark, which tipped the balance in favor of the latter in clinching the third place in Group Three.

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