Social media users link Bolivia’s failed coup to the aggression on Gaza News

“As you review the events in Bolivia, remember that it registered a position with Gaza,” this is how the pioneers of social media platforms reacted to the current events in Bolivia.

In details, yesterday, Wednesday, the vicinity of the presidential palace in the Bolivian capital, La Paz, witnessed a coup attempt, as Bolivian President Luis Arce announced that the country is facing a military coup, after storming the entrance to the National Palace in Bolivia, and soldiers entering the presidential building.

The event in Bolivia received great interaction from the pioneers of social media platforms at the Arab level in particular, as they linked the events with the devastating war waged by the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip. One of them said, “Israel is failing again,” and this is because Bolivia recently cut all its diplomatic relations with Israel.

Blue Space activists (Facebook) described what happened in Bolivia as “the shortest coup in history.”

While many social media pioneers thanked the Bolivian people who stood against the military coup and its failure, describing them as “a conscious people” after hundreds of citizens took to the street to protect their homeland.

A government was announced Bolivia Previously, it severed diplomatic relations with Israel, due to its crimes against humanity in its attacks on Gaza strip.

This came in a joint press conference between Bolivian Presidential Spokesperson Maria Neela Prada and Deputy Foreign Minister Freddy Mamani.

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